Top 5 Fitness Trends Of 2022: Best Workout Tips And Health Trends

Smartphones, a technology that was created to help humanity have now ended up as our shackles especially when it comes to small kids and teens. And to top it all off multiple lockdowns happened, during those times people were indeed more worried about surviving instead of staying healthy. But the situation is not that dire […]

Want to play but don’t have a team, don’t worry introducing PlayiO.

Finding team members is a sport on its own especially if you are trying to build a new team from a scratch. From finding players to choosing a good one. And all of this comes down to the availability of new players. You need to have a constant number of incoming players to keep updating […]

Find near-by events !!

Find the events happening around you. Moving out is both an overwhelming and beautiful experience. You get to meet new people, see new scenarios and experience a different lifestyle. But those who love enjoying a good competitive football match with friends know the pain of moving out to a new area with no friends. And […]