PlayiO – Connecting Players

General Benefits

Everything in one place

Users can: set up tournaments, check the schedules of venues nearby, connect with trainers on the app for one-on-one sessions, and all that without “breaking a sweat”.

Goodbye Language

PlayiO is available in local languages and is perfectly suitable if you’ve just moved to a new country or location. Our inclusive app enables users to choose their preferred language and mode of communication.

Players with similar skill sets

PlayiO enables you to meet players who have a skill set similar to you. Whether you’re looking to play with other experts or amateurs, all you must do is indicate your preferred skill level.

User's Benefits


PlayiO makes sports life easier as it helps to solve: the problem of finding a co-player, the strain of physically discovering sports venues and the complexity of finding suitable coaches in your location.


Venues may partner with us across all levels, creating events, engaging in media marketing or inviting sports lovers and thus grow the awareness of the their activities, offers and schedules.


PlayiO partners with sports trainers to enable the rendering of their services to interested new players. Trainers can reach arrangements with new players in between sessions, in their free time and “on the go”.