PlayiO – Connecting Players


A. PlayiO need you to mark favourite sports so application can show you activities, venues and coaches according to your preference.

A. Go to any activity which you want to report. In top right corner you have three dots button. Tap on that fill the form and report the activity.

A. Our team will take close look about your report and if they are true we disable the activity and warning will be generated to the user.

A. If you’re participating any activity and you receive abusive messaging you can block the chat for that activity. Go in the activity on top right corner we have three dots button, tap on that and block the chat.

A. For now once you blocked the chat you cannot unblock it. It will be fixed soon.

A. In order to show user nearby activities, venue and coaches, app needs a location. Once the app is closed app is not tracking any data.

A. In the activity screen, we have the filter option in the top right corner. In the filter you can add the desired location and data will be filtered.

A. Stories can only be added when you have played any activity. You need to select activity in order to post story.

A. Write us on and our team will get back to you.