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Moving out is both an overwhelming and beautiful experience. You get to meet new people, see new scenarios and experience a different lifestyle. But those who love enjoying a good competitive football match with friends know the pain of moving out to a new area with no friends. And if you’re an introvert, things get much worse; forget about meeting new mates to hang out with; even small chat with neighbors becomes tough.

The Playio application was intended to assist users who have relocated to a new area as well as those who just wish to find new players to connect with.

How does this platform help the players?

  • Local events: Those who are new to the area and want to participate in the sports events happening in their area can use this platform for their benefit.
  • No language barrier: This platform is made with the thought of players who speak different languages in mind. Now players can easily navigate through this platform to find the players who meet their wavelength. This platform was made multi-lingual so that you won’t have to worry about language barriers.
  • Online management: Now people can set up tournaments, select and book the venues all from their smartphones. People can also check the schedule of several venues and have a one-on-one session with trainers on the app without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Moving to a new area doesn’t mean you have to kill your interests and love for sports. You just need to keep that spirit up and leave the trouble of finding new players and events happening in your area to this platform.